What are the dimensions and specifications of the hot rolling of stainless steel coils?

The width of steel plate can also be any size of 50mm or 10mm multiple, and the length of steel plate is any size of 100mm or 50mm multiple, but the minimum length of steel plate with thickness less than or equal to 4mm shall not be less than 1.2m, and the minimum length of steel plate with thickness greater than 4mm shall not be less than 2m. As required, the thickness interval of steel plate with thickness less than 30mm can be 0.5mm. According to the needs and requirements, steel plates and strips of other sizes can be supplied through negotiation between the supplier and the buyer.

Note: the unevenness specified in the table is only applicable to the steel plate whose lower yield point does not exceed 460n / mm2. The maximum unevenness of the steel plate whose yield point exceeds 460n / mm2 and the steel plate subjected to quenching and tempering is 1.5 times that specified in the table. The sickle bend of the steel belt shall not be greater than 3mm per meter. The trimming steel plate shall be cut into right angles. The cutting angle and sickle position shall not make the length and width of the steel plate less than the nominal size, and the minimum rectangle of the nominal size of the order must be ensured. The steel strip shall be rolled.

Weight: the steel plate and steel strip shall be delivered according to the actual weight or theoretical weight. According to the theoretical weight, the density of steel is 7.85g/cm3 for carbon steel. Other steel grades shall comply with the provisions of corresponding standards. W = 7.85xb, where B is the thickness.

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